Would you like to live with a deeper sense of ease of being, able to relate to your own thoughts and feelings, and other people, in more wise, kind and creative ways?


Mindfulness is about rediscovering the innate human capacity we have for awareness and attention. By learning practices and approaches that harness this powerful capacity, you will be increasingly able to make more skillful choices that lead towards deeper compassion, intention and purpose. Mindfulness will help you to step out of those moments of auto-pilot reactivity that we all experience, and will open up a more flexible and resilient relationship to your own thoughts, feelings and experiences. It helps us all feel more at home in our own lives, creating tangible change. 


Wild Acre Wellbeing offers 1-1 and group classes in which to learn and practice mindfulness meditation and skills which can lead to a more centred and grounded life. 

  • 1-1 classes: bespoke one-to-one classes are designed to provide a gentle and supportive introduction to mindfulness practice and are created around the specific needs and requirements of the client. A course of four is recommended as a minimum introduction, and these can be re-booked in blocks of four if you wish. We are also pleased to offer a totally free and no-obligation 15 minute introduction meeting via zoom where you can meet Belinda and ask any questions you may have.


1-1 classes, via zoom, are priced at £55 per hour class, which also includes a follow up email with practice guidance and class summary. To register interest please email via the CONTACT form.

  • Group classes: Four and eight week group courses are now available providing a solid and explorative, interactive experience of mindfulness and meditation. Each class is one and a half hours long, with optional 15 minutes for further Q and A at the end. The course also includes meditation audio recordings to do at home and detailed weekly class summaries sent by email. 

Group classes are £80 for a four week class block, or £150 for an 8 week block, and will be via zoom. To register interest please email via the CONTACT page.

Belinda has been trained and certified as a Mindfulness and Meditation teacher by Mindfulness Now, Central England College.

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