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The Enneagram is a personality typing system; a way of discovering the gifts and challenges of your particular personality, way of seeing the world and interacting with others. Millions of people across the world have found it an illuminating and useful tool of self-awareness and personal growth. For a bespoke and supportive experience of finding your type and integrating the insights you gain into daily life, please check out the classes and courses below:


Belinda offers 1-1 classes in the following:

  • The enneagram basics: how the system explains personality and nurtures self awareness and personal growth. Perfect if you are new to the enneagram and have lots of questions!

  • Discovering your Enneagram type: a dynamic one hour typing interview to help you find your type. This is an invaluable launching point for your own journey with the enneagram and understanding how your personality is full of both gifts and challenges.

  • The Enneagram for personal growth and the inner journey: working with the enneagram to understand yourself and others better, and explore the sticking points and the potential of your personality and essence. This provides a deeper dive into personal application of the enneagram and provides a powerful framework for inner growth and transformation. This option can be highly bespoke - concentrating on relationships/spirituality/parenting or whatever feels most necessary.

The price for 1-1 enneagram classes are £55 per one hour class which also includes a follow-up email with class summary and suggested further reading and practice material. To register interest and make payment, please email (stating which class you are wishing to attend. All classes are by zoom at the moment).

COMING SOON!   Weekly group courses in the following subjects (each course is four weeks long):

  • Introduction to the enneagram

  • Understanding my type, wings and arrows

  • Exploring the three centres of intelligence

  • Exploring the idea and significance of instinctual subtypes 

  • Enneagram and relationships

  • Enneagram and parenting

The price of all the four week group courses is £60 for the four classes. To find out more, register interest and make payment, please email Belinda via the CONTACT form (stating which four week course you are wishing to attend. All classes are by zoom at the moment).


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